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About the Department of Business Services

The Department of Business Services is here to help you get the job done. How? By providing coordinated business support services to enhance the research, education, and service mission of the University of Maryland.

The vending program is coordinated by Corporate Services. Vending machines located throughout the campus offer beverage products and snack foods. Corporate Services also administers the University's Institutional Insurance Underwriting.

Document Services provides a wide array of publishing support. Services range from Design to Photography to Copyright Clearance and include Copying, finishing, and rental of  Office Copiers.

What about that job you need professionally printed? The Department of Business Services takes care of that, too! Printing Services offers design, desktop publishing, typesetting, offset printing, binding, and bulk mailing services.

Heading out for a conference, or do you need a vehicle to perform your job every day? Motor Transportation Services offers a wide variety of vehicle-related services to the University.

Mail Services processes incoming and outgoing U.S. Postal Service and interdepartmental mail for all departments and offices, including the Resident Life community.

Travel Services administers the University Travel Program. Travel Services can help with travel policy clarification, information about service providers and discounts, and facilitation of expense reimbursement.

The Department of Business Services administers the Records Management program for the University.

Customer Outreach Services provides group or individual training on all Department of Business Services units. This unit also conducts customer satisfaction surveys and is available to assist customers with any departmental service.

The Department of Business Services is At Your Service. Our facilities, equipment, and, most importantly, personnel are ready to help you get the job done. Let us know how we can help.