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Outgoing Mail Preparation

Mail being sent off-campus must conform to USPS standards. Letter-size mail must be sealed on all four edges to facilitate handling by USPS machines.

Mail should not contain any item that could injure employees and/or result in damage to metering and processing equipment. Examples of items that should not be placed in envelopes include glass chips, lapel pins, metal pieces, paper clips, pencils, pens, and sand. Staples should not be used to attach mail to an envelope. If an enclosure does not fit properly in a window envelope, an envelope without a window should be used; staples should not be used to prevent slippage of the address from window view.

In addition, mail being sent via the USPS should have a University return address including the department name. Materials that are being sent using metered postage should not be placed in red envelopes since the postage indicia is red and will not show up on red envelopes. It is recommended that typed address labels be used for large envelopes and parcels. Large business envelopes should be marked with the mail class desired; if no mail class is specified, mail will be metered at the First Class rate. When sending Priority Mail® items, it is recommended that customers use Priority Mail® envelopes and boxes, which are available from the USPS.

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