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University mail is mail that originates on campus and has an on-campus destination address. University mail is for official University business only. University mail is typically delivered no later than the day after it is picked up.

The use of interdepartmental envelopes is strongly encouraged. If stationery envelopes are used for University mail, the sender should provide a return address in the upper left-hand corner of the envelope and write "CAMPUS MAIL" prominently on the envelope where a stamp would normally be placed. If University mail is not in an envelope, the sender should fold and seal the mail piece with tabs or tape. Due to safety issues, it is preferred that staples be used only when it is impractical to use tabs or tape.

The address on University mail should be printed or typed using the following format:

Department Name
Room Number and Building
University ZIP Code™

Mail Services sorts mail by department name, not by building or an individual's name. Mail without a department name may be delayed and/or misdirected. Mail Services sorts approximately 35,000 pieces of mail per day. In order to ensure prompt delivery of properly addressed mail, items without a department name must be set aside for later research.

In order to facilitate the sorting and timely delivery of University mail, mailings containing over 500 pieces must be sorted and banded by department name prior to receipt by Mail Services. Printing Services is aware of and routinely complies with this mailing requirement; however; it is important that University departments ensure that sorting and bundling by department name are included in specifications given to outside service providers. Large mailings to students residing on campus should be bundled separately by residence hall. Mail Services will refuse acceptance of large mailings that do not comply with the above specifications.