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Mail is delivered to and picked up from most University departments twice each day, Monday through Friday.

To prepare mail for pickup, departments should separate domestic mail, international mail, and University mail.

For outgoing domestic and international mail:

  1. Attach a blue Departmental Mail Service Charge Card to each domestic mail bundle.
  2. Attach a cream Departmental Mail Service Charge Card to each international mail bundle.

For University mail, ensure that each piece includes the recipient's name, department name, and University ZIP Code™.

Departmental Mail Service Charge Cards, which include the department KFS account to be billed for metered postage applied by Mail Services, can be ordered online.

Mail is sorted and delivered by department and ZIP Code™, not by individual. As a result, each department is responsible for forwarding mail received for individuals who have moved or departed. For employees who have moved to another University department, cross out the address on the mail piece and write "FORWARD TO" along with the new University address and ZIP Code™. Put the item in with your outgoing University mail, and Mail Services will deliver it to the new location.

Residence Halls receive one delivery daily Monday through Saturday.