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Summer Travel  Reimbursement 

During the summer pay periods noted below, the only method for travel reimbursement for employees who are not receiving a positive paycheck is through Accounts Payable. If a travel expense reimbursement for an employee who is not receiving a positive paycheck is not submitted through Accounts Payable, it cannot be processed.

Employees who are in the following pay statuses are ineligible for travel reimbursement through payroll for Travel Expense Statements approved in the ELF system from June 7, 2018 through August 1, 2018 (pay periods 26, 1, 2, and 3):

  • Employees who will not be receiving a paycheck for a positive dollar amount after deductions have been taken out
  • Employees who are paid over 22 pay periods (i.e., 9 Months/22 Pays and 9.5 Months/22 Pays)
  • Employees who are paid exclusively for summer employment (e.g., Summer School, Summer Research, Summer Pay)

Pay status should be determined by the department using the PHR Appointment Information screen (under Appointment Type and Payment).

Employees in the above pay statuses must be processed through Accounts Payable using the following procedure:

  1. The Travel Expense Statement should be marked "No" in response to the question "Will this traveler be on University of Maryland payroll at the time of this reimbursement?"
  2. The traveler's home address must be provided on the Travel Expense Statement.
  3. The approving authority must approve the electronic Travel Expense Statement in the ELF System.
  4. The department must provide Accounts Payable with a printed copy of the Travel Expense Statement that includes the traveler's electronic attestation or signature.
  5. The Travel Expense Statement and original receipts must be provided to Accounts Payable at the address below:

Ms. Tatia Webster
Accounts Payable
3101 Chesapeake Building
University of Maryland
College Park MD 20742-3142

Employees with direct deposit who do not receive a paycheck during the summer will receive their summer travel reimbursements by direct deposit into the same bank account into which their paycheck is deposited during the academic year.

Should you require additional information, contact Travel Services at or 301.405.0607.