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Foreign Currency Charges

  • How does Diners Club establish the rate of exchange by day or week?

    Foreign charges are converted on the day of receipt by the local business or on the day of billing

  • Is the FX percentage fee calculation based on foreign or US dollars?

    Diners Club will convert foreign currencies to U.S. dollars using the Wall Street Journal rate. The Wall Street Journal rates represent competitive rates based on large currency trades among banks. The Wall Street Journal carries exchange rates for over 50 different currencies. If a transaction is made in a currency not published in the Wall Street Journal, a competitive foreign conversion rate will be provided by Dow Jones News/Retrieval.

  • How is the foreign purchase converted based on the fee?

    In the United States, Diners Club converts foreign currency charges using the rate published in the Wall Street Journal at the time of charge processing. A one-percent foreign exchange conversion charge is added to the final amount. Internationally, currencies are handled at three separate levels: the original currency, the billed currency, and the reporting currency. The original currency reflects the currency, in which the actual charge was incurred, while the billed currency is that which was billed on the statement. The reporting currency matches the currency of the international headquarters to provide consolidated global MIS.