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Department Guidelines for a Successful Travel Review

Travel Services will perform Travel Reviews in University departments according to an established schedule. A Travel Services representative will contact the department to schedule an appointment. The purpose of the visit is to review travel documentation including: Travel Approvals, Expense Statements, Travel Card Management System online updates, and Travel Card Transaction Logs to ensure compliance with University travel and other relevant guidelines, and University policies and procedures that govern the Travel Card program.

The Travel Review also provides an opportunity for the Travel Services representative to answer questions about travel policy as well as preparation and retention of required documents.

A letter confirming the date and time of the visit is sent to the department, which includes a list of traveler names, trip numbers, and cardholder names that will be reviewed at the time of the visit.

In order to facilitate the visit, the following action should be taken by the department representative.

  • All travel documentation should be retained in department's central file.
  • All Travel Expense Statement documentation, including itemized receipts, must be available.
  • The traveler's handwritten signature must be provided on the Travel Expense Statement if the traveler did not provide electronic attestation on the Travel Expense Statement.
  • Itemized receipts must match each expense on the Travel Expense Statement, and receipts must be attached to the proper Travel Expense Statement.
  • There must be a Travel Card Transaction Log for each cardholder that is signed and dated by the cardholder and authorized reviewer.
  • Itemized receipts and the Diners Club statement must be attached to each Travel Card Transaction Log.