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Scantron® Electronic Grading

Scantron® electronic grading services are used to grade multiple-choice tests administered to students. The commonly used forms are 4521 and 4887. Both of these forms are available for purchase from Copy Services.

Customers must provide an answer key (a Scantron® sheet with only the correct answers filled in) and complete a Scantron® Test Scoring Request Form.

Once the grading process is complete, customers receive a detailed item analysis of each individual's results that includes:

  • Any answers that were either left blank or were invalid;
  • Statistical information that includes the mean score, variance of scores, standard deviation, Kuder-Richardson 20, Kuder-Richardson 21, standard error, minimum and maximum score, and Spearman-Brown Prophecy;
  • The test frequency distribution that includes the raw score, standard score, percentile, percent frequency, frequency, and cumulative frequency;
  • Optional individual sheets, which can be returned to students, that contain a breakdown of how the students performed on each question; and
  • An optional alphabetical listing of all students by last name that includes their raw scores, percent correct, and a list of responses to every question on the exam.

Customers may also request to receive the results via email in an Excel spreadsheet that shows each student's name, his/her raw score, and the percentage of questions he/she answered correctly. This format is often helpful for posting grades on Blackboard® as these results are provided immediately after the grading process is complete and eliminates any delay in waiting for the hard copy results to be printed out.

Prices vary depending upon the services requested.

Turnaround time for ScanTron® grading may take up to 1-2 business days. Typically this will be shorter, but longer delays should be anticipated during exam periods.

This service is available at the Marie Mount Hall Copy Center. Please call 301.314.2679 for more information.