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Student Mail is delivered to the Residence Halls once daily Monday through Saturday, excluding Federal and University Holidays. Mail is sorted by room number and placed in the corresponding mailbox.

Note: If you share a mailbox with another student, only take possession of mail that is addressed to you. Tampering with or theft of U.S. Mail is a Federal offense.

Note: Advise your correspondents not to send cash through the mail. Items of value, such as airline tickets, checks, etc., should be sent using Insured Mail or Certified Mail.

Parcels and Large Articles
Parcels and articles too large to be placed in Residence Hall mailboxes are delivered to Residence Hall desks. The desk clerk will notify you of arrival of the article and request that you come to the desk to take possession. Items for residents in the South Hill Community will be delivered to the Annapolis Hall desk, and items for residents in the North Hill Community will be delivered to the Queen Anne's Hall desk.

Accountable Mail
Mail Services will notify you when you receive a USPS insured mail or Certified Mail item. You must come to the Mail Facility at 0702 Severn Building (5245 Greenbelt Road) to sign for and take possession of the article. Unclaimed articles will be returned to the sender 15 days after initial notification of receipt is delivered to the addressee.

U.S. Priority Mail Express is delivered to Residence Halls by the U.S. Postal Service. Registered Mail; and COD (Collect on Delivery) mail are retained by the North College Park Post Office, which will notify you upon receipt. You must go to the North College Park Post Office to receive Registered Mail and COD mail.

Mail and parcels sent to you using a private carrier (i.e., United Parcel Service, FedEx, etc.) are delivered to the Residence Hall desk by the carrier.