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Vehicle Assignment

Vehicle Assignment

University vehicles may be assigned to those employees who travel the greatest number of official (non-commute) miles in excess of 10,000 miles per year. In specific cases, the Institution head may determine that the use of a vehicle is required for the efficient operation of an Institutional program regardless of the number of miles traveled. Assignments may not be made based on the seniority or classification of an individual. Vehicle assignments may be made based only on positions meeting the established criteria.

Vehicles may not be assigned to individuals with driving records that indicate an inability to operate a vehicle in a safe and responsible manner. Assigned vehicles may not transfer with employees who move to another position.

Institutional heads shall continually evaluate the benefit of pooling Institution-owned vehicles to increase vehicle utilization and to promote flexibility of employee transportation. Assigned vehicles that are not in use must be made available for other employees requiring transportation for official business.

Institutions shall monitor their vehicle usage to ensure that all vehicles meet the required 10,000-official-mile minimum or other criteria and report the results to the University Fleet Administrator annually. The 10,000-official-mile minimum applies to vehicles assigned to individuals as well as to pooled sedans that regularly leave the campus. It does not apply to vehicles that are predominately used on campus that are used daily but accumulate minimal annual mileage. Should an improper or inefficient vehicle assignment exist within an Institution, the University Fleet Administrator will notify the Institution that the vehicle should be reassigned. If the Institution does not resolve the improper or inefficient vehicle assignment after notification, the Fleet Administrator will initiate the reassignment or declare the vehicle surplus.