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Disposal and Replacement of Vehicles

Disposal and Replacement of Vehicles

Disposal of Institutional vehicles must be approved in advance by the Institutional Fleet Coordinator, and the Institution must submit a disposal notice to the University Fleet Administrator for all disposals including vehicles, trailers, etc.

All Institutional Fleet Coordinators must ensure that vehicles are clean (inside and outside) prior to being offered for sale. All logos must be removed from vehicles prior to disposal.

If an Institutional vehicle is damaged beyond repair as a result of misuse or gross negligence, the operator may be required to make restitution. Restitution will be limited to the amount of the then current wholesale value of the vehicle as reported in the National Auto Research Black Book Used Car Market Guide, Maryland Edition. The employee having made such restitution will then be entitled to the damaged vehicle.

Vehicle replacement criteria are determined by the University Fleet Administrator. Current replacement guidelines are as follows:

  1. The vehicle accumulates 100,000 miles on or before the anticipated replacement date, or
  2. The Institutional Fleet Coordinator determines that a particular vehicle is beyond its useful life.