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Maintenance and Repair

Some Institutions have in-house maintenance and repair facilities. Departments should utilize in-house maintenance and repair at institutions that have them. Local repair facilities may be used when the type of service required is not available in-house. Institutional Fleet Coordinators should also be aware of current State Maintenance Agreements that may be of use when in-house facilities are not available.

Vehicle Inspection

All Institutions must have a formal bi-annual inspection program for all University vehicles to ensure that vehicles are clean, properly equipped, maintained, and in good condition. Requirements include the following:

  1. The Vehicle Inspection Report must be completed at the time of inspection.
  2. Inspection records must be maintained by the department to which the vehicle is assigned.
  3. Inspection records must be retained for the life of the vehicle and be available for audit.
  4. Should unsatisfactory conditions be found during the inspection, they must be corrected within seven days, and such action must be recorded on the inspection form.

The mandatory State safety inspection should be provided by Motor Transportation Services or Institutional in-house maintenance and repair facilities unless one is not available. Outside vendors are not authorized to perform these State safety inspections on University vehicles when in-house maintenance and repair facilities are available.

Gasoline and Oil

Whenever possible, vehicles should use gasoline and oil obtained at the Institution's central facilities. It is also possible to obtain gasoline at other State fueling locations at prices below those offered by commercial filling stations. When drivers refuel at a commercial filling station, the driver must exercise care to select a station that offers an economical price. The driver must select an appropriate fuel as recommended by the manufacturer and use self-service facilities whenever available. Drivers are encouraged to utilize the credit card specified by their Institution for the purchase of gasoline.