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Vehicle Procurement

Vehicle Procurement

Departments must project the frequency of use and the number of miles a vehicle will be driven to ensure that it is cost effective to purchase a vehicle. In some cases, it may be more cost effective to utilize a vehicle that is part of an Institutional pool or to reimburse mileage to employees who use their private vehicles for University business. University of Maryland departments are prohibited from owning passenger vehicles. Passenger vehicles may only be purchased by Motor Transportation Services for utilization in the University's fleet.

The procurement of standard University automobiles, light trucks, and vans is usually limited to approved models. Minor changes for specific vehicle requests may be approved by the Institutional Fleet Coordinator based on operational needs and budgetary considerations. The University Fleet Administrator will coordinate purchases of other classes of vehicles as warranted to most efficiently service the needs of the University System of Maryland. Some institutional officials may be eligible for non-standard University vehicles in accordance with State specifications.

Vehicle purchase requests must take into consideration the most economical, most fuel efficient, and lowest emissions vehicles available in a particular model year that meet the operational needs and policy requirements of the Institution (e.g., EPAct, COMAR). In addition, the Institution must consider safety issues, federal warnings, and commercial driver's license requirements when selecting vehicles.

All vehicle acquisitions (including new, used, and leased) must be approved by the Institutional Fleet Coordinator before the Institution may enter into a contract or make use of a vehicle. The use of rental vehicles for travel must be approved in accordance with University System of Maryland travel policy. The Institutional Fleet Coordinator must approve vehicle purchase requests from State or University standard specifications prior to procurement to ensure that funds are authorized and that the request is appropriate and in accordance with policy. Vehicle specifications/requests not in accordance with approved standard specifications must be approved by the University Fleet Administrator prior to procurement. In addition, Institutions must provide written justification to the University Fleet Administrator prior to procurement of vehicles in the SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) and executive sedan categories. Institutional Fleet Coordinators can provide information about which vehicles fall into these categories.