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Driving Record Review

Driving Record Review

In order to promote safety and reduce liability and costs associated with poor driving, institutions and departments must exercise care in allowing persons to operate University vehicles. Institutions must review the driving record of each employee permitted to use University vehicles when the employee begins work and at least once a year thereafter. Use of the Motor Vehicle Administration's Special Attention Code Flag System, whenever possible, will facilitate the record review function. Employees must provide their driving records upon request.

Employees who have driving records that show an accumulation of six or more points for moving violations may not operate University vehicles. An employee whose driver's license is suspended or revoked may not operate a vehicle during the period that the suspension or revocation is in effect. Employees who have driving records that exhibit a general disregard for individual responsibility in operating a vehicle either through points accumulation, repeated violations, reckless driving, or driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs may not be allowed to operate University vehicles.