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Vehicle Safety and Accident Reporting

Vehicle Safety and Accident Reporting

Each Institution is expected to promote and manage vehicle safety, accident control/reporting, and driver corrective action. The Institution will identify a Fleet Safety Coordinator. The Fleet Safety Coordinator will:

  • Generally promote and coordinate vehicle safety
  • Coordinate staffing for the Institution's Accident Review Board
  • Coordinate with the State Treasurer's Office Insurance Manager and/or Institutional Insurance Coordinator concerning vehicle accidents
  • Ensure and coordinate appropriate completion of the
    • Accident Report (ACORD Form)
    • Investigation Guide or Police Report
    • Accident Review Board Worksheet
    • Corrective Action Evaluation
    • Approved Recommendations/Determinations

Institutions are expected to periodically convene their Accident Review Boards to determine:

  • Driver History / Performance
  • Accident Cause(s) / Conditions
  • Accident Preventability
  • Necessary Driver Corrective Action

The Accident Review Board will provide a summary of findings and recommendations to the President's designee. If an accident is found preventable, the Board will recommend driver corrective action.

The President's designee is expected to review the Accident Review Board's findings and recommendations. Approved recommendations will be sent to the appropriate supervisor for action.

All Institutional drivers are expected to use vehicles in accordance with the General Rules for Drivers of University Vehicles. Accidents must be reported within 24 hours to the Institutional Insurance Coordinator. Every University vehicle will be supplied with an Accident Packet, which will include insurance information and an accident worksheet. Each Institution will develop an Accident Packet to meet its specific needs.