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Additional Services

Photo Services offers a wide range of services. Please call for a current price quote for any of the following services:

 Advanced Photo System Prints
 Black and White Prints from Color Negatives
    Black and White prints from color negatives can be made using special filters and paper.
 CD Scan
    Black and White negatives and prints as well as color negatives, prints, and slides can be scanned onto Photo CDs for use in viewing.
 Density and Contrast Matching
    Custom prints are made by hand, thus they are printed to exact specifications, including the ability to print certain areas lighter or darker or change the contrast.
 Digital Photo Restoration
    Photo Services can digitally scan an original negative or print, repair any scratches, red eyes, or tears and/or combine two images, and improve the overall print contrast. Originals are returned along with copy negative and one copy print.
 Negative Stripping
    Negative stripping is usually needed when two or more negatives are printed together on one sheet of paper.
 Print Spotting
    Lint, dust, and scratches are removed from custom prints at no additional charge. Extensive restoration may require digital service for an additional charge.
 Push Processing
    Slide film can be push-processed from one stop over to two stops under. This service is recommended when an entire roll of slide film has been overexposed by one stop or underexposed by two stops.
 Slide Mounting
    Transparency or slide film that is mounted incorrectly or with special sizing needs can be mounted to specific requests.
 Video Transfer
    Transfers to videotape can be made from movies, slides, or prints. Other services available include adding titles, providing extra copies, adding background music, converting foreign videotapes, and making repairs.