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Cooperative Academic Agreements

April 18, 2007

TO: Deans, Directors, and Department Chairs

In light of the number and complexity of cooperative academic agreements with other academic institutions, it has become increasingly important to ensure these undertakings comport with Regental and University academic rules as well as the constraints of Maryland law. Agreements obligating the University must be within the authority of the individual signing them.

Cooperative arrangements, faculty and student exchanges, internships, and educational programs with individuals, or academic institutions or governmental entities, international or domestic, must be signed by the Provost and/or the President. Deans, directors, department chairs, and other University personnel may not sign or otherwise accept a contract, memorandum of understanding, letter agreement, or other such document.

If a unit wishes to enter into such arrangements, the dean must be informed and concur with the proposed project. If the proposal is with an institution abroad, the Director of the Office of International Programs also must be consulted. Following those approvals, agreements must be presented to the Provost for review sufficiently in advance to permit careful consideration before signature by the Provost or President.

It shall be the responsibility of the deans, directors, and department chairs to ensure these procedures are observed.

William W. Destler
Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost