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International Health Insurance for Travelers

University of Maryland international travelers on University business will automatically be enrolled in UMD's comprehensive international health insurance, including medical and security evacuation, administered by Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI). There is no charge to the traveler or the traveler's department for this insurance coverage.

This insurance coverage will be provided for UMD international travelers (excluding travelers on Education Abroad trips) who are originating from the U.S. and who have their Travel Approval Request (TAR) approved by 6:30 p.m. three days before the trip departure date. Group TARs must be approved at least three days before the earliest departure date listed on the TAR. Note that trip adjustments, including the removal of travelers who are no longer going on the trip, must be approved at least three days before the trip's departure date (or for Group TARs, the earliest departure date listed on the TAR) in order for the updated information to be reflected in CISI's records. Trips should be cancelled via a Trip Adjustment as soon as it is known that the trip will not occur, including if the cancellation takes place after the start date of the trip. Departments and travelers cannot directly enroll for coverage with CISI nor directly cancel UMD CISI coverage. The CISI UMD business policy is not provided, nor available for purchase, for travel companions.

Covered travelers will receive a CISI ID Card via email from two days prior to their departure date. All travelers on a Group TAR will receive their CISI ID card via email based on the earliest departure date listed on the TAR. To ensure that international travelers receive email communications from Travel Services and CISI (including their CISI ID Card), travel form preparers should verify that the traveler's own email address is provided under Traveler Information on the TAR. If the CISI ID card with related details is not received via the traveler's email in the above timeframe, the traveler or the traveler's department, should contact Travel Services at 301.405.0607 with the trip number to determine the status of that trip's CISI coverage.

A summary of coverage and information about how to use CISI services are available on the CISI website. UMD travelers should direct questions regarding coverage and available services, such as the myCISI mobile app, to CISI at 800.303.8120. Travelers may establish a myCISI login after CISI coverage is established, which is two days prior to the trip departure date listed on the TAR. Callers to CISI should reference their UMD trip number.

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