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Expense Statement Tips and Reimbursement Schedule

University travel expenses must not be reimbursed until the trip has been completed.

Departments are strongly encouraged to make reservations and purchase airline tickets and other travel services through the University Travel Agencies, and to use the University Travel Card for payment.

University business travel arrangements made in this way eliminate the need for the traveler to advance personal funds, since reimbursement for airline tickets, deposits, etc. cannot be made until after the trip has been completed. There are other benefits that apply to business travel when the University travel agents issue airline tickets and make reservations, and when payment is made using the University Travel Card.

Travel Expenses should be reported in the period the trip took place.

Employees' Travel Expense Statements approved by the close of business on the dates specified will normally be reimbursed in the employee's paycheck in the time frame below. Dates are subject to change according to UMD payroll deadlines. A Duplication of Expenses Warning Feature is provided as part of the Travel Expense Statement.

Approved in ELF By Reimbursed Pay
10/24/18 (Wednesday) 11/02/18 09
11/06/18 (Tuesday) 11/16/18 10
11/19/18 (Monday) 11/30/18 11
12/05/18 (Wednesday) 12/14/18 12
12/18/18 (Tuesday) 12/28/18 13

  • Verify:
    • Expenses are in compliance with University of Maryland Travel Policy.
    • Information is complete.
    • KFS information is accurate.
    • Social Security Number is accurate.
    • Employee payroll status is correct.
    • Required receipts are retained.
    • Trip Number specified is for the intended traveler and trip date(s).

  • Pending reimbursements as well as those that have been paid will be displayed on the Consolidated Trip Report in CARS (Customer Automated Response System).
  • Retain itemized receipts for employee travel. Send itemized receipts to Accounts Payable for visitor travel.
  • Traveler signature is required either electronically by the traveler checking the traveler attestation box on the Travel Expense Statement form or by hand through the traveler signing the printed Travel Expense Statement form.
  • Visitors must provide their handwritten signature on the actual, completed Travel Expense Statement form.
  • Subordinates may not approve a travel form (Travel Approval Request or Travel Expense Statement) for their supervisor.