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University Group Travel Procedures

University contract travel agencies provide a full range of group travel services and meeting and conference planning services, including arrangements for lodging, meeting space, catering, local transportation, air transportation, etc.

Normally, contracting for group travel and/or meeting and conference planning services should be made through the University contract travel agencies. It is recommended that University departments utilize one of the University contract travel agencies when making arrangements for group travel and/or meeting and conference planning services since the agencies will ensure competitive pricing and will provide all coordination with Travel Services if it is necessary for a contract to be executed, thus reducing the workload for departmental staff. In addition, with their network of global contacts throughout the travel industry, University contract travel agencies often are able to negotiate lower rates, free services, and reduced risk to the University should the full set of services for which the University contracted not be utilized. University departments that do not utilize a University contract travel agency will be responsible for providing additional information to Travel Services throughout the arrangement process. University departments do not have authority to enter into travel or hosting contracts/agreements, regardless of the dollar value.