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Per Diem
Meal Rates

Breakfast $13.00
Lunch $15.00
Dinner $28.00
Total (per diem) - including tax & tip $56.00

University of Maryland travelers will normally be reimbursed in accordance with the standard UMD travel meal per diem schedule set forth above. Receipts are not required when utilizing UMD per diem (or lower allowances as may be required by budget constraints). Additional reimbursement is not appropriate if a meal has been pre-paid as part of a conference, hotel free breakfast plan, or the like. Alcoholic beverages are not reimbursable.

If exceptional circumstances necessitate a high cost meal, reimbursement may be approved "up to actual reasonable cost with itemized receipt," pursuant to limits imposed by the unit and available funds, and as determined by the approving authority. Allowances in excess of UMD per diem are exceptions and should not be routinely approved. The traveler and approving authority for the trip are responsible for assuring the appropriateness of meal expenditures in excess of UMD per diem and are subject to audit scrutiny.

UMD International Per Diem Rates